St Tropez Spray Tanning

St Tropez Spray Tan stands up head above the rest due to the properties within the product which allows a natural tan without the obvious orange tone commonly associated with the more cheaper, home kits.


It is a unique combination of two completely safe active ingredients that work together in providing a gorgeous natural colour which fades naturally too. This technology has been researched allowing every individual, no matter what skin tone or shade, to benefit from the sun kissed, healthy glow achieved from St Tropez Tanning



Course of 5

Course of 10

Full Body




Before St Tropez Spray Tan Treatment

  • Exfoliate your whole body a day before your tan. Paying particular attention to any dry areas including elbows, ankles and knees
  • Do not shave or wax 24 hours prior to having your St Tropez Spray Tan
    Do not use deodorant, moisturisers or oils on your skin on the day of your St Tropez Spray Tan
  • Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment to avoid any unwanted marks whilst getting changed after your tan
  • Wear dark clothing to your appointment just in case you get product onto your clothes


After St Tropez Spray Tan Treatment

  • Most Importantly after your St Tropez Spray Tan, it is crucial to leave it to develop for 8-12 hours depending on how dark you would like your tan
  • After the 8-12 hours, have a shower as opposed to a bath and pat yourself dry with a towel rather than rubbing yourself dry with a towel
  • Moisturise daily, to allow the tan to fade naturally.
  • Be aware that exfoliating will speed up the process of your tan fading


Some information on aftercare