NSI Acrylic nails

Not everyone is blessed with naturally long and beautiful nails. For the rest of us, there's NSI Acrylic nails! If you find growing nails to be problematic drop by our salon


NSI Acrylic Nails is the most innovative acrylic nail system. They are strong and long-lasting. For the average nail growth, properly maintained acrylic nails need to be filled in about every two weeks. This time period may be longer or shorter depending on how quickly an individual’s nails grow out. Acrylic nails can take anywhere from about three weeks to a couple of months to completely, naturally grow out, if one chooses to not get their nails filled in.


Without Soakoff

With Soakoff


White Tips



60 Mins

Natural Tips



75 Mins

Acrylic Infill


60 Mins

Soakoff Only


45 Mins

Individual Nail Repair


15 Mins


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Some information on aftercare