Faith Lift by Tibby Olivier

Faith Lift is a non surgical facelift system that gives dramatic results that you will love even after just one treatment. The amazing 100% organic, instant results, non surgical face lift from Tibby Olivier.


Using only naturally derived ingredients which lift, tone & firm the skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles


Skin keeps on lifting beyond the treatment and the use of our home care products prolongs the results.





Introductory Offer



When booked with a Shrinking Violet Body Wrap



Although visible results will be immediate, it is recommended that you enroll on a course of 8 (one a week) for maximum results.

Do you need to patch test?
No, all Tibby Olivier products are very safe, and patch tests are not required


Do I need to moisturise after the facial?

No. The skin will feel amazing so would ruin the effect but the Faith cream may be applied to enhance and maintain the effect


Can Faith be used anywhere else?
Yes, the mask can be applied anywhere. It is very effective on the decollete and the back of hands



You will be given advice following the treatment.